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19 April, 2016
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Decoration on walls


Transform your walls artistic murals, use your creativity and make corners full of figures and color, dare to take design to another level, in this post, we will present some creative ideas to color your walls.

You can use different materials, colors and shapes.


Find out how to decorate your walls

Unusually shelves

decorative spaces with aesthetic and very practical.

This is a magnificent ornament interior and a good solution for those who have no time to spare, or who are not ready for drastic changes.

Decoración con estantes
Unusual Photo Mural

Forget the creepy old photographic murals: their modern analogs significantly surpass them in quality and surprised by its realism .

For the room is well a portrait or an urban theme.

The panoramic images visually enlarge the space.

Decorative vinile
The vinyl stickers are one of the ways faster and cheaper for interior decoration. Online stores offer a wide range of prints for every taste and budget.  
A photo collage will be a pleasant reminder of your loved ones and memorable events. An alternative is to hang on the wall a large image.
The use of decorative tape
The adhesive tape or decorative washi is a great way to liven up the interior for those who live in a rented apartment. The tape sticks easily and removed just leaves no traces and does not damage the surface of the walls.
Paper decoration
Some applications, origami or bulky ornaments; The limit is your imagination!
Collage Cards
You can make a collage of beautiful cards which anyway are just gathering dust without cause.
Decoration with dishes
Who said that the only place for dishes in the kitchen? You can combine according to a style, theme, color or shape. You can even paint with latex paint on glass or ceramics.
Wine corks
Wine corks are a beautiful natural material for any creative work. To collect the required amount of the 'raw material' you should not necessarily take hundreds of glasses of wine corks you can get at any winery.
Invasion of pixels
Decorating using square stickers is a solution for true lovers of pop culture. This wall has clearly worked a fan of Marvel comics.
cut logs
This type of decoration adds warmth, comfort and atmosphere inside.
String String art or art
String art lets you create spectacular images in three dimensions with minimal cost. To create your own masterpiece, you'll need nails, a hammer, a wooden base, a pattern on paper, a lot of threads and patience.
Decoration with pallets
An unarmed pallet can serve finish to a wall or the entire room. They also serve to make a lot of fabulous items for the interior.
Nourish your spirit of adventure with a room lined with maps.
Full of inspirations phrases your walls, a corner of peace and tranquility.

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